Reading over the OBJ Diversity in Business competition rules, I realized how proud of the diversity represented in our Micro (defined as 2 to 9) Interior Design business. I have always appreciated our rich mixture of culture, creed, race, age and breadth of knowledge but cannot claim to know how every ingredient makes up the secret sauce of a special work environment.

Today seems especially appropriate to recognize one of our outstanding team members. From the time she joined us over 7 years ago she became invaluable from a project perspective, She is skilled, talented, reliable and is always dedicated to excellence and increasing her knowledge. We are hopeful that in the future she will have a dual registration for Interior Design and Architecture.

But there is so much more to Marketa. We are always watching Marketa go above and beyond. Early in her career, she served her family and community as chair of the Board for Hannibal Square Community Land Trust. She has exhibited a team spirit and a sense of community far beyond her years that I believe is instilled by her family and benefits us all. She assisted safeguarding the development in which she grew up.

She has been inducted into the prestigious DOA chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., steeped in culture, fun, history, and service. She inspired a cultural appreciation workshop for our company that comforted and reassured us as a team during the racially charged demonstrations at the origins of Covid.

Most recently she has applied and been accepted to our International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Equity Commission.

Congratulations Marketa and thank you for your consistent example of excellence that inspires us all.