We’re in an industry that is constantly innovating and looking for opportunities to evolve and bring more joy to our customers. We call these “win-wins,” when everyone involved benefits one way or another. Thinking outside the box is crucial when it comes to the latest in interior design, but it’s often needed for more personal reasons—which could lead to more positive professional outcomes.

We were deeply moved by this article in Orlando Medical News, which details the steps one group of health care workers took to combat physician burnout in the months following Covid. Recognizing the need to decompress and connect, they started the AdventHealth Orchestra – a creative outlet to let musically talented health care workers reflect, bond and heal through the universal language of music. “It’s a double dose of healing therapy for me and a great source of joy,” said Dr. Vincent Hsu.

What a wonderful idea that speaks directly to the heart! This is one example of how a hospital system and a motivated individual helped relieve a stressful situation during a worldwide pandemic, creating something meaningful, beautiful, and enjoyed by many others! We love a win-win!

We all have stressful moments in life. What’s your go-to outlet for reprieve?