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Pine Crest Elementary School of Innovation 

Sanford, Florida
Seminole County Public Schools 

  • 110,700 sq. ft. 
  • Associated Architect: C.T. HSU + Associates, P.A 

Pine Crest Elementary School of Innovation is a new 110,700 SF 21st century school campus serving as a computer science magnet school. The design goal was to express innovation throughout the entire school. In key circulation areas, the standard for paint was stretched to create uplifting spaces featuring color block graphics. This interior expresses that imagination and innovation can produce amazing results even with simple materials.  The grand stair located in a light well encourages movement. The light reflects off the painted rainbow colors on the stair risers and enlivens the entire space. Learning neighborhoods titled Invention, Inspiration, Imagination, and Innovation. Each neighborhood features a unique accent color, classrooms open onto a large common area, and a collaboration area near the entry. The common areas contain flexible, easily movable furniture to encourage large/small group collaboration and independent learning. The Learning Center gives students increased opportunity to use the latest in educational technology, expanding their abilities to be future problem solvers of the community. Responding to the technology rich environment, a learning arena was designed with multi-level seating for group collaboration. A focal area is located nearest to natural light where exposed cut out ceilings echo flooring patterns and ground comfortable lounge furniture. To maintain the open feel of the space, resources are housed on low, curvilinear mobile shelving.  The Innovation Lab is where students have hands on experience with 3D printer technology. The lab features a mobile smart board, a bright graphic pride wall, and is expected to change with new technologies and innovations. Slightly less visible innovations include sustainable features like geothermal heating and cooling which will earn the school significant energy rebates. Daylight sensors and photocells also help reduce energy use. Access to these systems exposes students and community to learning what a sustainable future looks like. Pine Crest Elementary School of Innovation is an exemplary learning environment designed to inspire and energize students, families, and staff.