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Orlando International Airport Intermodal Transit Facility

Orlando, Florida

  • 200,000 sq. ft.
  • Associated Architects: HKS Architects, Schenkel Shultz Architecture
  • LEED V-4

The Orlando International Airport Intermodal Transit Facility project encompasses the North to South Terminal APM link, the Intermodal Station, and the Phase I Parking Garage for the new South Terminal project. The Intermodal Transit Facility (ITF) is designed to accommodate the train rail opening in 2021, the commuter rail scheduled to open in 2021, and a possible maglev train connecting the airport to commercial and entertainment destinations in our area. The ITF project initiates the next 50 years of new development at Orlando International Airport and informs the renovations and upgrades ongoing for the North Terminal complex as the South Terminal Complex develops.

Photography by Chad Baumer, David Laudadio, Jeff Leimbach