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Orange County Convention Center – Valencia & Chapin Dressing Rooms

Orlando, Florida

  • Size: 4,800 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $600,000
  • Thank you to our friends who provided art and accessories: Chris Kesler Photography and West Elm

Ramski & Company recently assisted the Orange County Convention Center with a much-needed refresh for the “green room” and dressing rooms backstage at The Chapin Theater. These high traffic areas are used at such frequency that their condition became purely a matter of function grown from necessity over time. The team’s goals were to create an atmosphere of refreshment and relaxation and provide timely functional upgrades. Corridors were given a fresh (highly resilient) floor and new lighting, increasing appeal, efficiency and lowering maintenance. Awkward construction was wrapped in textured wood panels giving it a sculptural look in a new lounge area with the addition of accent walls, patterned carpet, art and a comfortable new lounging arrangement created a new amenity for the guests. Hair, make-up, and prep happened everywhere previously, at dated, lamp surrounded mirrors in monotoned rooms. New finishes, LED lighting and comfortable furniture have created spaces that support both focused preparation, relaxation, and even work for guests and participants in theater productions.

Photo Credit: Chad Baumer Photography