Everywhere I go, I get asked What is CityLab?”

U.F.’s CityLab-Orlando, directed by Frank M. Bosworth, Ph.D., AIA, was established in 2012 as a partnership between University of Florida, Graduate School of Architecture, University of Central Florida, and Valencia College, creating a unique academic path to a master of architecture degree right here in Orlando. You ask, “what does CityLab do?”

  • Builds on the University of Florida research mission
  • Offers a NAAB accredited Master of Architecture degree with a focus on urban issues.
    CityLab-Orlando offers three degree tracks, a 3+ year program for those with Bachelor’s degrees in unrelated fields, a 2-year program for those with a Bachelor’s in architectural design, a 1-year program for those holding a 5-year Bachelor’s in architectural design.
  • Creates an education experience in an urban environment with direct opportunities for meaningful internships while in the educational environment
  • Eliminates the talent drain by creating professional relationships and mentorships, for students while in school and encourages candidates to stay in Florida to assist in developing and enriching our area

Win/Win for Students

The founding premise espoused by Frank Bosworth (who directed the Office of Community Design and Development at LSU before joining U of F) is that this urban educational experience would create a win/win for Central Florida students, Central Florida learning institutions, and Central Florida design firms.

Recently CityLab celebrated the graduation of its second class and it appears Frank was SO right about the need for this program. Out of the two-year graduate total of 29, 25 have matriculated to Central Florida firms and three elsewhere in the state.

It is an impressive program with facilities located in downtown, within the University of Central Florida Center for Emerging Media. To see what the program is all about, please plan to attend the annual reception and student exhibit December 22, 2015.

For More Info

For additional information on the program, visit http://gsoa.dcp.ufl.edu/degrees/special-academic-programs/citylab-orlando or call CityLab (407-610-8325) and speak with Maggie Hayes or Frank Bosworth, CityLab-Orlando@ufl.edu.