I would like to add the title Congratulations to our favorite of Building Design + Construction’s 2011 Forty under Forty Awards!

Earlier in the year I was asked by Bill Martin, one of our favorite young architects and partners at Schenkel Shultz Architects, if I would be willing to write a recommendation statement for him to include in his application for the Building Design + Construction Forty under Forty annual Award. I have rarely had an easier task. Here is how we feel about Bill.

“Every once in a while our studio has the happy occasion to work with an exceptional young architect whose talent and management ability elevate the entire team project outcome. This has been the case with Ramski and Company’s experiences with Bill Martin. Bill is an exceptional young professional who knows that a project resultant can and should be greater than the sum of the individual consultants’ skills and expertise. He knows how to listen, how to build a team including and lead by the end users, and how to create a beautiful, highly successful built environment.”

Well, the judges agreed Bill is exceptional and to see how they showcased him please follow the link included. Note Bill is the only 2011 Orlando recipient. Excellent work Bill!