A variety of services may be performed by Interior Designers as standalone studies or integral parts of a larger scope of work. These services may involve searches and research, and may not be easily quantified up front. Often these services are performed hourly. Some examples of requested studies include:

A programming/space analysis document may be developed to assist a client in “shopping” for space. It involves interviews with key personnel and ultimately shows space required.

A code compliance review and analysis may be performed to assist in determining improvements required in an existing or a prospective space. Comparative space plans based on the programming document to assist client in analyzing and comparing multiple spaces.

  • Area optimization – Study for a particular area or department to optimize work flow, equipment requirements or layouts.
  • Way finding/signage programs – Design solutions that may involve finishes as well as signage elements to assist guests in effectively navigating a space.
  • Post occupancy evaluation – Some organizations find review of occupant satisfaction an excellent tool to value-add on future projects. An Interior Designer may assist with post occupancy reports assisting clients with facilities maintenance or lessons learned for future projects.
  • Art and/or accessory programs – Research, specification or commission of or shopping for art objects and accessories that finalize an interior design.