Procurement Services

An outstanding project needs client advocacy and objective service.

Ramski and Company does not purchase furniture and generates no revenue from the sale of furniture. As a specifying interior design firm, we are uniquely qualified to serve as client advocate to assist in navigating bidding and procurement of furniture for your facility. We will suggest the best furniture solution for your project with no prejudicial considerations.

In a small project scenario, we may work with your preferred vendor/ dealership or recommend one, tailoring your furniture solutions to product within their network – still best satisfying the parameters of your project – including budget. Typically at a minimum, the Interior Designer will select product, coordinate finishes and fabrics on specifications, review quotes from dealerships for the client, and punch list furniture upon delivery.

In a large project scenario, specifications may be designed in a spreadsheet format to facilitate the preparation of purchase orders, ordering, delivery, maintenance, reorder, and ongoing asset management. The Interior Designer may prepare purchase orders, check order acknowledgments, organize installations with single or multiple vendors, punch list furnishings, and review invoices for payment.