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Oakridge High School Multiphased Replacement

Orlando, FL

Orange County Public Schools

  • · 334,098 sq. ft.
  • · Associated Architect: Schenkel Shultz Architecture
  • · Associated Contractor: Wharton-Smith, Inc.
  • · Construction Cost: $54,000,000
  • · 2014 ABC Excellence in Construction Award of Merit
  • · Learning by Design, 2012 Outstanding Project New Construction

The modernization of the 50-year-old Oakridge High School was carefully preplanned, multiphased and performed on a totally occupied 2,200 student/faculty campus.

The school received a new “front door” administration suite, media center, state of the art auditorium and gymnasium.

The school is a version of 21st Century learning concepts utilizing new learning hubs to accommodate varieties of teaching methods, large group instruction, small group collaboration and 1 on 1 teaching and learning. Glazing around the perimeter of the hubs and between classrooms spreads natural light and allows for area to area observation. Oakridge is home to a new entrepreneurship academy where students have hands on collaboration supported by the TEAL lab (technology enabled active learning).

Photo Credit: Ben Tanner Photography