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Medical Clinic Complex Reuse Concept

  • 25,400 sq. ft.
  • Associated Architect: Fugleberg Koch

The interior design concept for this clinic service cluster combined biophilic design elements and a resimercial sensibility in a renovated warehouse to expand the already established history of this clinic for “patient/community centered care”, and “wholistic treatment facilitation”. The owners worked closely with the design team to nuance the planning of the facility – imparting lessons learned from post and current practice.

The design team crafted a concept for the 2 story lobby that opens directly onto an adjacent retail corridor catering to the center’s patient population, seamlessly expanding the amenity space during special community events and patient hours. Furniture was specified to be comfortable, contemporary and inviting but very mobile for event reconfigurations and very cleanable to suit new infectious disease cleaning protocols.

An old bank vault became a feature in the two story space accented with a cascading “bubble” chandelier wrapped by a curved mezzanine stair leading to a dramatic overlook space perfect for small gatherings or events. Around the perimeter of the entry space, 3D suspended cloud elements and several sized large pendant fixtures are grouped and layered to add visual interest, provide acoustical relief, comfortable scale and general lighting. The clinics total treatment concept includes clinical and counseling areas, a pharmacy and lab, and the surrounding tenant spaces will provide future support amenities.

The clinic interior incorporated natural elements like living green walls (some used like movable/garden/privacy walls), warm wood tones and big views to the exterior in public zones. The interior material palette employs light almost white neutrals with soft pastel accents originating from the organization logo, and supporting the organizations very active community art program featuring local artists.