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Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) SunTrax Test Facility Phase I

Lakeland, Florida

  • 6,200 sq. ft.
  • Associated Architect:  Bentley Architects + Engineers
  •  Associated Contractor:  Bergeron Land Development

Ramski & Company partnered with Bentley Architects + Engineers for interior design of the Phase 1 building in the SunTrax Test Facility. The Phase 1 building grounds the new high-tech hub for research, development and testing of emerging transportation technologies related to tolling, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and automated vehicles. The building supports SunTrax partners Florida Turnpike Enterprises (FTE) and Florida Polytechnic University operations, housing administrative offices, testing, meeting and training spaces.

SunTrax Phase II will include a 2.25-mile oval track on a 400-acre site in Polk County, supporting high-speed testing of technologies for tolled express lanes that will be employed with highway widening projects throughout the state. This team will continue to assist Jacobs on Phase II development to complete the campus.

Rendering courtesy of Bentley Architects + Engineers