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Ellis D. Parker Elementary School

Ft. Rucker, AL

  • 133,542 SF
  • Associated Architect: Schenkel Shultz Architecture
  • 2016 Honorable Mention Award, Learning by Design

This new DoDEA domestic 133,542 SF elementary school is located on an active military installation featuring a helicopter program. Ramski provided interior design including the fixtures, furniture, and equipment. The interior design theme expresses this influence with sections of sky ceilings featuring unusual acoustical clouds, and light fixtures that resemble chopper blades.  The flooring patterns feature curvilinear whisps of color that penetrate glass walls and organically connect spaces with cloudlike or wind like forms.  Classrooms are housed in seven academic neighborhoods each composed of learning studios, staff collaboration areas and open hubs allowing for flexibility in curriculum, teaching methodology and learning modes.  This flexibility of use is furthered and promoted by tools such as, writable desks, glass operable walls and a multitude of different furnishings, designed to be easily moved and regrouped.  Hub entries feature unique learning walls that promote wayfinding and neighborhood identities.  A 2-story commons provides a total school gathering space and transitions between neighborhoods and dining/multipurpose spaces the gymnasium and music and art activity spaces.