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Central Florida Regional Hospital ICU Renovation

Sanford, Florida

  • 5,873 sq. ft.

The project team sought an elevated image for this 5,800 sq. ft. highly esteemed cardiology specialty through an ICU renovation promoting a clinically clean critical care environment in an emotionally soothing and healing atmosphere.  The complete renovation posed the challenge of minimizing disruption within the facility and to the staff and patients.

The focus of this renovation was the design of an optimized 24/7 nursing station, enhancing patient access and connectivity.  The new station improves emergency access to patients and equipment and provides a variety of work zones supporting extreme day activity, semiprivate management and quiet night supervision with improved organization and storage.

The interior designers employed soothing colors in symbolic forms and leading patterns; and featured clean environmental art, backlit translucent nature panels on the face of the desk (doubling as night light), and mosaic “sky” panels above patient room doors.