Advent Health Orlando, Med Psych

  • 36,800 SF
  • Approx construction cost – $10,800,000
  • Associated Architect – HuntonBrady Architects
  • MEP – TLC Engineering Solutions
  • Photography – Ben Tanner Photography

The interior goal for this unit was to create a peaceful and calming environment that invokes a sense of being connected to nature and promotes healing through biophilic design. We wanted the interior spaces to relay the sense of grounding and stability as a tree growing near water.

Dignity – Executing consideration for patient privacy during a vulnerable time.
Safety –  Providing a safe and secure atmosphere for patients, visitors, and staff.
Healing – Improve the healing process through reduction of anxiety, supporting improved moods, and uninterrupted circadian rhythms.
Community – Creating inviting group spaces that adapt to many therapies and activities.
Identity – Providing opportunities for patients to have a sense of control and comfort in the spaces they inhabit.
Consistency – Continuing design that is consistent with the AdventHealth campus yet responsive to unique needs of behavioral health.


  • Use of every opportunity to enhance a Mind, Body, Spirit experience.
  • Maximized natural light and views.
  • Provide therapeutic circadian interior lighting – imitate the nature of changing daylight in spaces with no natural light to connect the environmental experience throughout.
  • Employ campus “Finish Palette” for inviting spaces with a distinction for behavioral health patient population needs maximizing patient safety and enhancing the calming atmosphere of this unit.
  • Use artwork and photography to support the concept of being connected to nature.
  • Minimize clinical equipment visibility.
  • Maximize staff visibility.