I saw this in the Sentinel and thought about our work places. Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is alive and well among the millennial workforce. As we say in education planning, learning happens everywhere, well if you watch youth in the work force you know work happens everywhere. Starbucks has long been a standard for work, why not a nightclub as this owner suggests? I see this blur between hospitality space/office space rolling right into the blur between hospitality/healthcare/education spaces. “Change Management” is replaced with “Change Embrace”. Today employers are busy wrestling with talent retention issues in the work environments they have created, but tomorrow the talent will meet in a converted nightclub with their peers and their devices to compete directly as they “virtually” redefine the rules of engagement. Just sayin’…think about it. AND congratulations to the smart man trending this particular concept in India with optimization of space, like Ally McBeal on steroids, with no steps to the bar, socialization and collaboaration, super affordability for entrepreneurs and total flexibility to shape their own environment. What a concept, heads up!