Ramski & Company is very proud to participate on the 4th floor revitalization of our Orange County Public Library with partners Rhodes + Brito Architects.

A beautiful example of “Brutalist” architecture, our library has been an iconic focal point in Downtown. The unusual, timeless exterior has ensured a prominent place in our community and has served as the anchor for the “interior revolution” occurring on the library interior. We believe our library has been a leader in the cultural shifts from “library”, associated with quiet, solo, research and study in a space that is basically a retreat from community to “community and media center”, offering tech and production labs full of resources for the entire city, art expositions, presentations, and performances. Our library has become a cultural center for Orlando Downtown and the surrounding county.

Our design team renovated this traditional “book-librarian” resource floor to a computer lab, with open access for individual study and glass fronted small collaboration spaces. Finishes and interior details have been updated, the floor was opened for increased visual connections to activity and deeper penetration of natural light, and the waffle slab ceiling is highlighted with multi-sized suspended LED rings indicating destinations. This revitalization is the most recent update in the reinvention occurring within our library – from static, underutilized study retreat to vital, vibrant community based resources and showcase for cultural enrichment.