What’s the Buzz Hornets?

Bishop Moore Catholic High School is a long established and well respected learning institution in our community. This year the student body is excited that their media center has been transformed into a new student center. The students obviously feel it is the best place on campus, thanks to some forward thinking on the part of the administration. Not only is the revitalized space super popular for beginning and end of day student gatherings, but the new movable furnishings happily accommodate different sized social groups in lots of different postures and the new “grab and go” style café provides a completely different experience on campus for midday social, study and lunch.

The project conception grew from the parents and faculty and was developed with their guidance by the design team Ramski & Company (Interior Design) and Bert Construction to provide students the same experiential learning space as the institutions of higher learning they are being prepared for. On a campus originally designed in 1954 to accommodate 400 students, this project represents the latest innovation on behalf of Bishop Moore to provide amenities to their current 1,300 students on their development and educational path. The entire team is thrilled with the results of this project and the overwhelming positive response from the students at Bishop Moore.