Furniture Specifications

An outstanding project is completely coordinated.

The Interior Designer may specify furnishings as a standalone service or as an integral part of interior design and is a resource for the client’s best value for furnishings. There is a separate and detailed programming exercise required to ensure the optimum furniture solution is specified. The Interior Designer will review and recommend appropriate furniture solutions based on education and experience with manufacturers and products or may guide a user group in actively reviewing and selecting a basis of product for specifications. Product review and preliminary budget development usually inform each other and assist in the final selection of preferred product, furniture finishes, and fabrics. Specifications are a tool not only for initial furniture purchases, but for facilities maintenance, ongoing, and should be thorough and complete.

The Interior Designer should properly review the furniture specifications with the owner in the context of the overall interior design for approval and may coordinate with the facilities purchasing agent on the placement of orders, with recommended dealerships or successful bidder.